What To Look For When Booking A Hostel

7 November 2014
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All set for a trip around the world? Good for you!  Of course, during your trip you'll make mistakes. Everybody does. But booking the right accommodation is something that you can do to help you enjoy a wonderful experience hopping across the world. Below is a quick list of facilities which every good hostel will have. If you're booking meets this criteria, then you've got a good chance of having the best time on your trip.

24 Hour Reception

Never underestimate the essential aspect of twenty-four-hour hostel reception. Landing in a new country is daunting enough without being stranded outside in the middle of the night because your hostel isn't open yet. Hostels with twenty-four hour reception will welcome you in at any time and provide a welcome sense of security for you during your stay. You can't put a price on peace of mind. If you arrive before it's time for you to check in, chances are that the people at a twenty-four hour desk will acknowledge your booking and let you use the facilities until your room is ready. Even if your hostel booking was an absolute steal - the absence of a round-the-clock desk makes it worth reconsidering your choice.  

Bedroom En-Suite Bathrooms

During your travel time, you'll be doing a lot of walking, and depending on the time of year, a lot of sweating. Check out what your booking says about bathrooms. Not only will a good shower make you feel better after a long day, it'll also get you ready to go out and discover the world in the mornings. Some hostels have large, communal bathroom areas which look like airport restrooms, usually equipped with push-button showers that simply spurt out cold water for 30 second intervals. Make sure your room has its own bathroom. It's completely worth having a clean, decent bathroom that feels like your own space to get ready in. 

Common Room & Bar Crawls

There's nothing quite like a hostel bar crawl. Everyone begins the night nervously, shuffling around whilst hostel reps tentatively encourage conversation. At 8pm you're anxiously cradling a beer among total strangers, yet by 3am you're singing on your way back to the hostel with one arm wrapped around a new best friend for life. It's like magic! And who says you have to go crazy anyway? Simply have a drink or two and enjoy getting to know new people. Not only will you meet fellow travelers, but also you'll also get to see some of the best bars and sights that the city you're staying in has to offer. Bar crawls connect people from all over the world. They tend to begin within the hostel's own bar/reception/communal area, and if you're not the biggest drinker in the world - who says you have to go any further than there? You will have already met a lot of people simply by poking your head around the door. 

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