5 tips for staying in a hotel with a baby

24 February 2015
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Being a family with a baby is a delightful time, but admittedly it poses many challenges. Here are some ways to make sure a stay in a hotel is less challenge and more holiday. 1. Optimise your space If you can afford it, pay extra for a family suite or adjoining rooms. This gives you separation from your baby during nap-time and after they have gone down for the night. Otherwise, you and your partner might find yourselves stuck in a dimmed room whispering to each other from 7pm. Read More 

Finding Accommodation For Schoolie’s Week

7 January 2015
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After the stresses of finishing school, most 18-year-olds are dying to get to to schoolies week and let their hair down. As a schoolie, it can be tricky to find accommodation at what it is a very busy time of year. Here are some tips to make the selection easy. Chat to your parents... and ask to use their credit card If you can give your parents credit card impression to secure a room, you'll have a lot more options on holiday accommodation. Read More