Considering Pub Ownership - Should You Buy or Lease?

3 December 2014
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Pubs have played a prominent role in Australia's culture from the earliest times. Beautiful heritage hotels adorn almost every country town, and the history is apparent on city corners throughout the nation. If you want to buy a pub in Australia, there is a lot to consider. Your first and foremost concern is to choose the type of pub ownership model you are seeking. You need to decide between the options of leasing or having the outright ownership of the hotel. Read More 

Travelling to Australia? Things to Consider When Booking Your Hotel Online

10 November 2014
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If a holiday is in your future, you may have already done some research on properties and found one that appeals to you. The next step is booking the room. If you do decide to book online, here are four considerations that might help you with that booking experience. Benefits of Booking Online The Internet has made it easy to book every aspect of a trip, from airline flights to that absolutely divine hotel you've heard so much about. Read More 

What To Look For When Booking A Hostel

7 November 2014
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All set for a trip around the world? Good for you!  Of course, during your trip you'll make mistakes. Everybody does. But booking the right accommodation is something that you can do to help you enjoy a wonderful experience hopping across the world. Below is a quick list of facilities which every good hostel will have. If you're booking meets this criteria, then you've got a good chance of having the best time on your trip. Read More 

How to rent your apartment out as a serviced apartment

29 October 2014
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Renting your investment property as a serviced apartment can be a great way to maximise return, particularly if you live in an area with a shortage of hotels and short-term rental properties. This article will provide information to help you get started in this business. To start renting your property as a serviced apartment, it will need to be fully furnished. Take an honest look at any current furniture you have, as tired or dirty looking furnishings and fittings will lower the nightly rate you can achieve. Read More 

Book a Hotel in These Two Australian Cities and You’ll Have Fun with a Capital ‘F’

13 October 2014
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These two Australian cities each have their own definition of fun. Whether you're in Sydney or Cairns for a day or a week, or for business or pleasure, staying in a city hotel gives you easy access to the sights and sounds each area is known for. Scintillating Sydney Sydney, New South Wales, is Australia's largest city. In 2000 the Olympic Summer Games came to town, giving Sydney and its iconic harbour world-wide exposure. Read More