Ready to Choose a Caravan Site for Your Oversized Trailer?

9 February 2017
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Taking a caravan on holiday is a good choice for anyone and especially families, as it often means more affordable accommodations than staying at a hotel, and also means knowing exactly what your accommodations will be like before you leave home! However, if you have an especially large trailer or caravan, you need to ensure you choose a site that will easily accommodate your needs. Note a few important features to look for so you know you find a site that is good for your larger trailer when on holiday.

1. Check the amps and volts of the power

Note the amps and volts of the power provided to the caravan site, and the amps needed by your caravan itself. Some sites only provide a very basic amount of power, but if your caravan has a larger television, satellite dish, washing machine, and other such items, you may need more power than what is standard. Without sufficient amps and volts, your caravan may blow a fuse the minute you turn on the television or microwave. Never assume that powered caravan sites are all alike, but always check the actual numbers before making a reservation.

2. Ask about clearance

Some caravan sites may be very rustic and rural, so that there are many trees on the site; this can provide a nice view, but it can also mean low-hanging branches that get in the way of an oversized caravan. A powered caravan site may also have overhead wires for electricity, as well as for internet service and their own phone service. Always ask if there is sufficient clearance and especially if you have a satellite dish, bike rack, or anything else that adds to the height or length of your caravan.

3. Note if your caravan will block another's view

While you may want to have a site that is next to the water or that provides easy access to the pool or recreation centre, you also don't want to offend your neighbours who are staying in the same park! Talk honestly with the park's office about the size of your caravan and note if you should stay on the outer edge of the park so that you don't block a water view for everyone, or if staying in the middle of the park would block easy access to the pool and other such features for other visitors. This will ensure that your oversized caravan doesn't become a nuisance and that complaining neighbours don't ruin your holiday!