5 tips for staying in a hotel with a baby

24 February 2015
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Being a family with a baby is a delightful time, but admittedly it poses many challenges. Here are some ways to make sure a stay in a hotel is less challenge and more holiday.

1. Optimise your space

If you can afford it, pay extra for a family suite or adjoining rooms. This gives you separation from your baby during nap-time and after they have gone down for the night. Otherwise, you and your partner might find yourselves stuck in a dimmed room whispering to each other from 7pm. If the budget only allows for a single room, try to be creative. Ask for a balcony room, so at least you can sit outside and chat after the child's bedtime. Or ensure the bathroom is big enough for the travel cot to go in there!

2. Plan dinner time

Eat early so you are not caught out and about when your baby hits the critical end-of-day bath and settling time. Alternatively, you might choose to wait until after your baby is asleep and opt for the more relaxing room-service option, particularly if you have that balcony or extra space to eat in whilst still remaining within earshot.

3. Bring extra sheets

Pack whatever extra sheets and sarongs you can fit in your luggage. Hotel cot bedding can be basic or inappropriate and you may need to swap a heavy cot eiderdown for a lighter sheet. A sarong can be thrown over the top of the cot to keep it dimmed when you need the room to be brighter for yourselves. If seeing you in the room is just too exciting for your child and they won't go to sleep with you there, you might even fashion a partitioning curtain.

4. Pack earplugs and quiet games

In theory, you and your partner can take turns sleeping if your baby is restless. In reality, this is not particularly easy if you are in the same room, alert to every sound, and your child is grumpy and wailing. Ear plugs will block most of the noise and also let you feel that you are officially 'off duty', whilst bringing a few sticker books and battery-free toys will help keep baby quietly entertained.

5. Don't be afraid to ask

The hotel staff are there to help you enjoy your stay and the chances are many of them are parents themselves and remember how hard the baby days can be. If you need beds to be rearranged, extra towels for your baby or a bin for nappies, just ask—they will probably be delighted to assist.

Just remember, every time you try something new with your baby that it will be easier next time! For more information about baby-friendly amenities, contact an accommodation like Gunnedah Lodge Motel.