Finding Accommodation For Schoolie's Week

7 January 2015
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After the stresses of finishing school, most 18-year-olds are dying to get to to schoolies week and let their hair down. As a schoolie, it can be tricky to find accommodation at what it is a very busy time of year.

Here are some tips to make the selection easy.

Chat to your parents... and ask to use their credit card

If you can give your parents credit card impression to secure a room, you'll have a lot more options on holiday accommodation. Of course, by putting down their credit card, they will be liable for any damage to the room so this is not the time to throw a giant raging party back at your place.

Save up and have some cash to give your parents for the deposit to sweeten the deal for them.

Decide if you want to be in a schoolies zone or just with your mates

In each state there are dedicated schoolies zones where the police and councils join together to create a safe party atmosphere with support people around. The advantage of these areas is there is usually big crowds of party goers, free entertainment and lots of support if anything goes wrong. The disadvantage is there is big crowds of people and all night parties going on. For quieter folks who just want a last chance to hang out with their school friends before they all move on, it can be loud and very busy, and they might prefer less party oriented options or areas.

The accommodation inside the schoolies zone is usually a little more expensive than accommodation outside of the zone, due to high demand. It tends to book out super early, so start planning in March for your big trip!

Plan your transport

No one wants to be the dedicated driver all week, so find somewhere that doesn't require driving where you can all meet using public transport or get dropped off by your family.

Prioritise your sleeping arrangements

No one wants to be stuck with your one snoring friend or be unable to get to sleep because your roommate has "company", so try and find accomodation where you all have separate bedrooms. You may not be planning on doing much sleeping, but everyone has to crash now and then.

Shared living rooms are good though as well, and many motels have shared chill zones in the roof or ground floors.

For more information, contact a company such as Motel Travelway.